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Easy Rider

Hippie Commune I


After some more cruising to the sound of those sixties classics, the hitchhiker brings us and our friends to a place that is populated with young people, and yet is no town or village; it's a hippie commune. Inside the barn, they are rehearsing for a play.

Picture from the Movie "Oh! Men at war ..." grieves Cleopatra.
Picture from the Movie Our friends think this is quite funny.
Picture from the Movie The girl's got the giggles.
Picture from the Movie The hitchhiker and one of the commune dwellers.

The Hitchhiker explains to Wyatt as they walk around that they're "city kids", fresh from the suburbs, trying to make a break. Originally there were over fifty of them, trying to live off dead horses and anything they could get their hands on. Now there's 18-20 of them left, but they're getting their crop in, so hopefully they'll have food to live on.

Billy is convinced they won't make it, as he just found a sea-shell on the ground, "there's nothing but sand here", he says. Wyatt feels that they will make it, looks around at the kids sowing the seeds, smiles, "they'll make it, dig? They'll make it."


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