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Easy Rider

George Smokes a Joint


The two heroes accompanied by George now decide to make a camp to sleep overnight. Billy and George seem to have struck it off well together, whilst Wyatt is keen for George to have a smoke of his joint. Aprehensive, but not wishing to offend, George puts him off by explaining that he has a drinking problem. Wyatt is quiet, not wishing to force him; but George comes round and decides he'll give it a try after all. "Here, let me see that." he says, taking it from Wyatt. He sucks and blows it out.

"You've got to hold it in for longer, George." explains Wyatt, in his unique, easy way.

Picture from the Movie "Here, let me see that." he says, taking it from Wyatt.

At this point Billy very excitedly breaks into their conversation claiming that he's just seen something in the sky; but as soon as he tries to describe it as some kind of alien spaceship that "sort of came up", and then "...just sort of ... whizzed off, man!" Wyatt tell him he's stone out of his mind. Billy says, "Yeah, like I'm stoned, but I saw something man."

Picture from the Movie "... it just sort of ... whizzed off, man!"

"That was a UFO beamning back at ya, the government knows all about them. Ever since they came here they have been working amongts us in vast quantities ever since."

Billy, gets up and says, "You know what I think? I think that's a crackpot idea! I mean if they're so smart, why don't they just reveal themselves to us and get it over with?"

George says, "why don't they reveal themselves is because if they did it would cause wild scale panic."

Billy says, "Hey, I saw something man, but I didn't see it working here, you know what I mean?"

George says, "It would cause a devastating blow to our system if people found out about them just like that. The aliens are so evolved you know, they don't have monetary systems, they don't have any leaders because each man is a leader. The result of all this has ben that the Venutians, he he he ..." George is now laughing at Billy."

Billy starts listening again. George begins again by repeating that "It would cause a devastating blow to our antiquated systems."

Wyatt says, "How your joint George?"

George says, "Oh, it went out."

Wyatt says, "Well save it for tomorrow, it gives you a whole new way of looking at life."

George says, "Well, I sure could use a little of that."


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