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Easy Rider



The film starts in a car wrecker's yard where we find our heroes Billy and Watt meeting up with mexican drug dealers, who greet them in spanish. From here they do a deal for a few kilos of cocaine, or "Pura Vida" (good life) as the mexican calls it.

After the deal we go to an airport perimeter just outside the runway, where our heroes meet the VIP buyer who wants to buy the cocaine off them. Sadly this guy has just died in real life, he was Phil Spector - (see the article pretty tragic Mirror Newspaper UK) Inside Wyatt and Billy's pick-up truck the buyer (played by Phil Spector) samples the cocaine, while the driver/bodyguard keeps lookout for nosey passers by. The buyer samples a bit and seems happy, and after offering some to Wyatt, he passes on to the guard. Wyatt gets paid, and after couting his cash inside the VIP's roller briefly he and then everybody else make own way again, Billy with Wyatt in the pick-up.

We then see Wyatt (Peter Fonda in real life, the one on the right in the picture below) now wearing leather, stuffing the money into a long plastic tube inserted into the petrol tank.

Footage not used in the film tells the story of how Wyatt and Billy started out as a circus act doing motorcycle stunts. Billy means it when he says in jail, "We've played every fair in this part of the country, and I mean for top dollar, too!" The two decide that they don't want to do the circus act anymore, so they hatch their "retirement plan".

We briefly see our two heroes readying themselves by the roadside. The last thing Wyatt does before setting off is to look at the time on his wristwatch and then casts the wristwatch over his handlebars into the sand. This is supposed to symbolise that neither he Wyatt or Billy, his partner, are concerned with time anymore (*) at which point the ride begins. We're now riding down the sandy plains to the sounds of "Born to be Wild".

Picture from the Movie

Yeeeeeessssssss mate.

The bike pictured above, being ridden by Peter Fonda, Wyatt in the film, is called The Captain America. Check out the links and contributing authors (here) page, I've put some links to web sites containing pics of almost exact replica Captain America bikes.

At night Wyatt and Billy try to get accomodation at a motel; after riding up to the door beeping and shouting that they want a room; the motel attendant opens the door, thinks for a second and then walks back into the building closing the door behind him. Billy shouts louder, "Hey man, you got a room?" but there is no reply. Billy, not a happy man, shouts "You asshole!" as they leave.

Wyatt and Billy make a camp fire outdoors; we open into a scene where they are sitting around the flames smoking a joint of grass. Billy is talking about the money while Wyatt just takes it easy.

Picture from the Movie

Billy is talking about the money while Wyatt just takes it easy.


(*) special thanks to Sneaky Preacher for this insight. If you've got any more send me an e-mail.

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