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Easy Rider

The Farmer and His Family


Next day the boys hit the road again. Sometime during the journey one of the bikes gets a flat tyre, so they stop by at a farm house which luckily enough proves to be owned by a friendly farmer.

The Farmer is shoeing a horse, the background sound is of his hammer hitting rythmically on the shoe. Wyatt asks, "Mind if I fix my flat?"

"No, go right ahead." says the farmer, "Turn that thing off though, you're making my horse scared." This is an interesting contrast between the old technology and the modern which also needs shoeing. (*) Billy and Wyatt push the cycle into the stable where they and go to work on the flat tyre.

In the next scene we find our heroes sitting around the dinner table by their house with the farmer, his wife and family, about to start on a meal. The farmer asks where the boys are from; to this Wyatt replies "LA". The farmer, at first unfamiliar with this abbreviation, then goes on to say that he started out for California when he was younger but never made it, he gets sidetracked and then looks over at his young wife. Wyatt, in his unique style, turns around and complements him on what he's accomplished, it's not many people who feed off the land.

Picture from the Movie

The farmer is curious about where the boys come from.

Picture from the Movie

Picture from the Movie

Cowboy" Billy, played by Dennis Hopper.

Picture from the Movie

The farmer's young wife.

(*) special thanks to Sneaky Preacher (e-mail available on request) for this insight. If you've got any more send us an e-mail.

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