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Easy Rider

The Trip

The hitchhiker had given Wyatt some trips and told him that when he was in the right place with the right people, do them. So surely enough here they are in a cementary with a couple of prostitutes, a stash of drug money, and about to take drugs. Not surprisingly, it isn't a very good trip ...

Wyatt passes around the trips.
Apparently this shot was taken by accident (somebody forgot to switch the camera off. This is according to a BBC documentary.)
A young girl preaches from the bible.

The trip continues...

Wyatt cries about his mother leaving him.
Wyatt approaches a man who is reading the bible in front of a tombstone staring at him like he's just seen a ghost.
This shot of Wyatt's fist is quintessentially what Easy Rider is all about; freedom.
"Ouch! Who are these rude men?"

We then find ourselves on the road again with our buddies, then at night they make camp as usual.

They are now sitting by the fire and Wyatt is in a very thoughful mood. Billy is in high spirits and talking about how he's going to spend his money as in a previous scene but, noticing how serious Wyatt has become, asks him what the matter is. To this he replies enigmatically, "You know what Billy, we blew it."

Billy is confused and tries to continue on the conversation about money but Wyatt doesn't want to know and just states again, "We blew it. Good night Billy."

Billy is dumbstuck.

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